The Antipaddle” by StrokeMAX is a revolutionary new training device that will change the way you think about improving your swimming technique. Designed by Olympic swimmers and tested by world-class athletes, the antipaddle can improve your stroke, regardless of the level at which you swim. Whether you’re an age-grouper or you’re looking to make your Olympic Trials cuts: a Masters competitor, open water enthusiast, triathlete or just swimming laps to maintain cardiovascular fitness, the antipaddle can make you a better, more efficient swimmer.


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The Antipaddle by StrokeMAX!

Traditional paddles enlarge your grip and allow you to hold more water than you normally can hold. In contrast, the antipaddle actually reduces that volume of water. The result is that your hands become more sensitive as you seek out the most efficient underwater hand movements. By reducing the hand-to-water surface area, you are forced to apply additional effort in order to achieve equal forward drive. This method decreases stroke resistance by up to 20 percent, which not only helps to improve your technique but also reduces the likelihood that you’ll sustain a shoulder injury – a major drawback of conventional paddles.
When you swim in a meet, you’ll feel stronger and your stroke will be more efficient. The result: faster times.
Using similar concepts, a simpler antipaddle was developed in the early 1990’s and was used successfully by professional swimmers in the USA and Europe and by some of the top American college teams. The new, more sophisticated StrokeMax antipaddle utilizes a more sophisticated, scientifically-tested design and shape to move swim training to a new level. Other features:

– It comes in two sizes
– You can customize its weight to fit your strength and stroke technique,
– Different colored antipaddles add a splash of fun!

The user-friendly StrokeMax antipaddle is contoured to fit in the palm of your hand. Its rubberized tubing allows you to adjust the gadget for a customized fit by simply tying a knot at the bottom.
Revolutionary weight adjustment system is very simple, just pull the plug located right under the palm area and fill it up with water, just as much as it requires to achieve the desired weight.
The StrokeMax antipaddle: No swimmer should be without a pair!!



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    Our company “StrokeMAX” was founded in January, 2009 by two Olympic swimmers. Our technical advisor is David Marsh, former head coach at Auburn University and the CEO/Director of Coaching at SwimMAC Carolina. Coach Marsh has used earlier, experimental models of the antipaddles successfully for years.
    Our goal is to create and provide additional, new training tools that will help you to optimize your training and competitive performance.

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